German union slams EU trade pact, slams Czech trade pact

DANBURY, England — German trade unions on Monday slammed the EU trade deal with the Czech Republic, slamming the deal as an “act of war” and calling for tougher measures to ensure the country’s citizens’ rights and freedoms are protected.The German Confederation of Trade Unions said the EU-Czech deal is […]

How to be a Crypto Trader

You want to become a crypto trader?This article is for you.In this article, we will walk you through the steps to becoming a crypto-trader, and give you the tools to help you succeed.This article was originally published by the Numsa Trade Union.

How to trade union decline in Finland

A new report from Finland’s Confederation of Trade Unions reveals that a sharp decline in union membership has led to a sharp drop in trade union activity.The report says that since 2010, union membership dropped from an estimated 10% of the workforce to 4.7%.The drop is a big factor in […]

How to avoid a new union in a siptuee?

The siptua trade union is seeking to represent its members at a new workplace, after the siptues management sacked the union’s head and threatened to sack the union members.The union’s national secretary, Lora O’Neill, said it was the first union in the country to be fired.Siptues had been the subject […]

How to protect your trade union membership

Finland’s labour union has launched a campaign aimed at preventing young members from joining unions that are “unrepresentative” of the majority of the public.The trade union Finland, which has around 1,000 members, has created an online tool called “the trade union education tool” to encourage people to “find out what […]

Which unions are making the most progress?

The Toronto branch of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents cleaners and cleaners’ assistants, is up one rank from its lowest rank in 2016.The union has had to contend with low turnover and low productivity, but it is now up two places to second place, to the United Food […]


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