Why the British are so scared of Trump

The British government has warned that Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown poses a danger to their trade union membership, saying it could be detrimental to their future prosperity.Key points:TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady says it’s not surprising the UK is worried about TrumpThe union has warned the new administration could damage […]

How to organise a union in a trade union?

Trade unions have long played an important role in working-class life.They are an essential part of the working-classes fight against poverty, inequality and racism.But as unions are seen as a bulwark against bosses, they are also seen as something to be feared and intimidated.What do you need to know about […]

How to find a good job in India

More than a third of the jobs in India are at the low end of the market, with the country’s median wage around $10 per hour, according to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the main trade union.The labour market has become so fragmented that the CII is worried about […]

How to join a trade union without risking your job

As a member of a trade or industrial union you can be represented by an independent body.A trade union is a collective body for all members of a group, which includes all employees in a business, company, household or other enterprise.An independent body is an independent organisation which is not […]

‘This is a victory for the miners’

A miner’s union has called on the Federal Government to consider banning coal mines from a federal election next year, saying it is undermining public confidence in the industry.The Federal Labor Party (FLP) and the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) are both vying for the Queensland electorate of Campbell.The ALP […]

How to get a $5,000 check for your trade union

A $5 million check from the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF) for an annual fund will go to the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFRL) for the next two years, says Ontario Minister of Education Mike Bernier.The Ontario Federation has been working to raise $10 million over three years for its annual […]


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