‘This is a victory for the miners’

A miner’s union has called on the Federal Government to consider banning coal mines from a federal election next year, saying it is undermining public confidence in the industry.

The Federal Labor Party (FLP) and the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) are both vying for the Queensland electorate of Campbell.

The ALP has been running an ad campaign featuring the slogan “Make the mine pay” which the MEU says “defies logic”.

The advertisement states that the mining sector has “lost millions” and that the government “can’t keep it for itself”.

The ad is part of a campaign that the MEUs have been running in the state for months, targeting vulnerable voters.

The ad also features former Labor premier Mike Nahan, who has recently been a vocal critic of the coal mining industry.

Mr Nahan’s endorsement of the ad has come after the MEIU’s president, Chris O’Connor, labelled it “racist”.

“There are so many examples of racism in our society, and in politics, that is something that needs to be addressed,” Mr O’Connors said.

Mr O’Connor said he was not surprised by the comments.

“I don’t think that any political party would want to be associated with that type of racism,” he said.

“It is absolutely disgusting.”

What the mining industry has been doing over the last decade or so is to destroy communities.

“This is something they have been doing for decades and there is a real lack of understanding and respect for the community and for our laws and the laws that we have around this.”

The MEU has also been critical of the Government’s response to the Mt Isa mine disaster in 2014, saying the company’s response was “shameful” and the Government was “doing nothing” about the incident.

Mr Abbott has since backed the Government in the dispute, and has called for an independent inquiry into the mine.

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