How to get a $5,000 check for your trade union

A $5 million check from the Ontario Teachers Federation (OTF) for an annual fund will go to the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFRL) for the next two years, says Ontario Minister of Education Mike Bernier.

The Ontario Federation has been working to raise $10 million over three years for its annual fund, which is meant to provide support for workers in the public and private sectors.

Ontario Federation of Labor president Gary Larkin says he has been a member of the board of the OTF for over 30 years, but he was disappointed to learn that it was now ending its contract.

“I have been working for the Ontario OTF since 1983 and I’ve been very pleased with what we’ve achieved together,” Larkin told CBC News.

“We’ve had good outcomes and good results, which I think is something that has to be celebrated.”

Our job is to provide a bridge between the labour movement and the public sector.

“The Ontario federation is also hoping to attract new members to its ranks as the union prepares to launch a union-management dispute resolution process.

Bernier said the OAFL has been an “important partner” for the union and said it will remain so.”

That partnership is a long-standing one,” he said.”

The OTF has been the mainstay of our union and we’re proud of that relationship.

“Bernier has said he will continue to work with the OIFL as it prepares for the 2019 election.

The OIFLA said it would be a “difficult” day for members if the fund were to be terminated.”

While we are grateful to the ODFL for providing a significant contribution to the collective bargaining process and its continued development, we are concerned that the OEFL will no longer be able to provide financial support to our members and our staff,” said OIFLO president and CEO Pauline Ouellette.”

It’s an extremely difficult day for all of us.