When it comes to trade union legislation, what’s your stance?

When it came to trade unions, I did not think we should have to go through all that pain.

I was against it, but the fact that they were able to get the support for this was wonderful.

It showed that there are still people out there who care about this issue.

If you are in a position of strength and know you can get it through, you don’t go in blind.

I am also a very strong advocate for trade union rights, so I don’t believe we should go through the trouble of legislating for them.

What I do think is important is that the union movement is a grassroots movement, it is a social movement and it has to be a powerful force in the country.

What happened to the T-shirt?

It was taken down from the shop in July.

It had been printed with the slogan ‘I am not a member of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’, and it was about how people were taking part in the struggle for trade unions.

In the past it has been used in a political context to support politicians, but it also meant that the message was that if you supported trade unionism, you were supporting the government.

We didn’t have the support from the trade union movement to make this change, and I feel that is the biggest problem.

How is it possible that the government would support an organisation that supports trade union activity and people’s rights?

I think it is an issue that needs to be looked at from the political perspective, and from a civil society perspective, so that we can all look at what is happening and find a way to support trade union activities, whether it be through the ballot box or whether it is through political organisations, whether that is through unions in our workplaces.