How to Become an Independent Labor Activist

The Independent Labor Union is a national trade union movement founded in 1979 in Scotland.

The group works for more than 200,000 members across all industries, from health and social care to mining and hospitality.

As well as representing the interests of the more than 1.5 million people who work in the UK’s most highly paid sectors, the IBU is the largest trade union in the country and boasts the largest membership in Europe.

The IBU organises a wide range of community-based campaigns, including a range of industrial action campaigns and campaigns against the mining sector.

The organisation’s history in the United Kingdom has been marked by strong unions in the manufacturing sector, including the Unite and GMB unions, which have been instrumental in securing long-term contracts for the UK Government.

IBU members can sign up to campaigns and have the right to lodge a grievance in a grievance panel.

But if you’re looking to get involved in the IBUs campaign, our guide to the union movement and the trade unions is designed to get you on the ground and engaged with the fight.

It’s also packed with the union’s most influential campaigns and policies, which can give you a clear understanding of what to expect as the battle goes on. 1.

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