German union slams EU trade pact, slams Czech trade pact

DANBURY, England — German trade unions on Monday slammed the EU trade deal with the Czech Republic, slamming the deal as an “act of war” and calling for tougher measures to ensure the country’s citizens’ rights and freedoms are protected.

The German Confederation of Trade Unions said the EU-Czech deal is a “tactical mistake” that is “the biggest challenge to our future.”

The move is the “latest attack on the German workers’ rights,” the union said.

The EU’s trade commissioner has said the Czech deal would not undermine the bloc’s internal market, a key pillar of its single market.

But the Czechs government said the agreement would strengthen EU-wide labor rights.

The Czechs, who have the world’s second-largest economy and are considered a major partner of the EU, want to create a trade pact that would make it easier for Czechs to get EU financial aid, according to their government.