Poland’s trade union union ‘fears’ new legislation could make it harder to organise journalists

Polish trade union officials are worried that a bill that will restrict the activities of unions will make it tougher for journalists to get their work published.

The bill, which passed the European Parliament in February, requires a minimum level of coverage for unions and the right of workers to vote for union leaders.

The legislation has been opposed by unions, who fear that it could lead to a situation where unions have fewer rights than journalists, as well as media owners who may be less willing to hire journalists if they face greater legal threats.

Poland’s trade unions said the bill will make the trade union movement “less accessible and more difficult to organise”.

They said the legislation could hamper the ability of journalists to work effectively, and could make union activity less effective if the bill is passed.

“Journalists are in a precarious position,” said Antonin Štybulski, head of the Warsaw-based Polish Journalists Union.

“They cannot afford to give up their jobs, they can only do it if they are paid well enough,” he added.

“If they do not, they will be pushed into the arms of the private media.”

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