Unifi trade unions, aspect trade unions in dispute

As part of the ongoing dispute between Unifi and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) over its licensing policies, union leaders say the dispute is a result of an “obsession with efficiency” in the industry.

Key points: Unifi workers have been demanding an audit of their contracts, an independent review of their work practices and the appointment of an independent oversight bodyAs part of a “national audit” of the industry, Unifi is also demanding an independent “national review of the current state of the profession”Unifi has been trying to get its contract with the Australian Telecommunications and Information Authority (ATMA) revoked after the regulator’s decision last month to approve the company’s merger with Telstra.

The union’s chief executive, Mark Scott, said the dispute was a result “of an obsession with efficiency in the business of the company” and the decision to approve this deal.

Unifi chief executive Mark Scott says union leaders have been lobbying the Australian Government to review the “obsessive” work culture of the sector.

“The fact is we’ve seen a series of changes to the industry over the last five years and that’s really affected the quality of work that’s done, and it’s affected the workforce, it’s impacted the workforce across Australia,” Mr Scott told ABC News Breakfast on Thursday.

“Universities have been hit the hardest, because in the last four years, we’ve had a very, very rapid increase in the number of employees and the cost of living.”

So, to think that the work ethic that we’ve developed is somehow going to disappear is just wrong, absolutely.

“Mr Scott said there was also a perception among some Unifi staff that they had been treated poorly by management.”

They’re trying to undermine us and say we’re not good enough, that we’re wasting money,” he said.”

And it’s a little bit hard for them to believe that we do have a union and an organisation, because we do, and we’re fighting for the right to work, to be able to do the job.

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