US: ‘This is the last gasp of American democracy’

US President Donald Trump has called the US “the last gasp” of American democratic governance and said the “truly dangerous” North Korean regime had “done everything possible” to provoke the US into war.

The US has launched three nuclear strikes against North Korea in the last year, but Mr Trump has said the US is still in the “last gasp of democracy”.

“The North Korean dictator is trying to make it look like there’s a peace treaty, but it’s a sham,” Mr Trump told reporters on Friday in the White House.

“The only thing that’s really going on in the world is war.

That’s the last thing that should be happening.”

Mr Trump is under increasing pressure to strike North Korea after Pyongyang launched an ICBM on Sunday.

It carried a powerful nuclear warhead and was the country’s fourth missile test in less than two weeks.

He has also been critical of China, saying the country is a threat to the US and that the US should abandon its policies of free trade and protectionism.

US officials have said they would seek an agreement with China to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, and the White Senate is scheduled to discuss a trade deal next week.

But the White Houses foreign policy chief, H.

R McMaster, has said any agreement would not be based on a bilateral deal, which would involve the US withdrawing from North Korea.

“We don’t need a treaty.

We don’t have a treaty with China.

We have a deal with North Korea,” Mr McMaster said.

“There’s a deal between the US, North Korea, China and Russia, and we have an agreement that’s the final agreement.”

North Korea has not yet responded to Mr McMaster’s comments, but on Friday, a foreign ministry spokesman said: “We do not have any information from the US about any deal.”

The North’s foreign ministry has also denied the claim that it had signed a deal to end its nuclear programme.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday, urging the US to withdraw from North Korean territory and abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes.

It also called for sanctions against the country.