Which unions do Canadians trust to pay their bills?

Trade union leaders say the Canadian government has a responsibility to pay union workers fairly and provide them with the best possible workplace conditions.

“I would have thought that we would be able to get rid of the government.

It’s really not going to happen.

The Liberals are in power,” said Michael Geist, president of the Canadian Federation of Labour.

He said he doesn’t trust the government to get things right in terms of labour relations.

“There’s a lot of mismanagement in this government and the fact that there’s not much accountability and transparency,” Geist said.

He says he supports a government-led investigation into labour practices.

“We should have a union investigation and a government investigation.

That’s the only way that we can really get at it.”

While the Conservatives have promised to create an independent labour relations watchdog to help fight labour exploitation and unfair labour practices, Geist says the Liberals are doing nothing to address the issue.

“The Liberals are not doing anything about the abuses in the industry.

They’re not going out and holding labour councils, they’re not doing any kind of enforcement,” Geists said.”

That’s the way we need to be.”

The federal government says it will establish an independent labor review committee.

The Conservatives are also pushing to create a national labour board.

But critics say such an independent board will not be able find a way to protect the rights of workers, who are often exploited in the workplace.

“In a free market, if you want to get the workers out of the workplace, you have to hire someone else to do that.

And if they can’t get you to do it, they can just walk away,” said Geist.