The best and worst of joe and co’s feud

joe & co were at the centre of a feud this week when the two stars decided to publicly attack each other in a series of tweets.

The feud started when the pair posted an image of a picture of a man who had been killed in a shooting at a nightclub in Miami in February.

“Hey everyone i’m sorry for what happened to the young man i love you all,” wrote joe.

“I am so sorry for the loss of my boy, he was my first ever friend.

I’m sorry that I have been so selfish, I’m so sorry that my girl and I have all been together.

I love you joe,” he added.”

My heart is broken.

And my heart is with my little boy.

I hope he gets the love and comfort he needs from me.”

The feud came to a head when the couple made public their public attack on each other on Monday night.

Joe said: “You can’t take responsibility for this, this is a very bad person who has killed a child, a man and I would like to see him go to jail for it.

It’s a terrible thing to do.””

I want to put this out to show the world that I do not care about the actions of a person who killed a young man.

This is a bad person.

I have a message for him.”

The tweets were followed by a number of tweets of support for the two, with a number writing to Joe to ask for their forgiveness.

The tweets prompted the star to issue a statement in which he said: “@joepruth is a wonderful person who will always have my full support.

I am truly sorry for her loss.””

It is my personal opinion that it was a very stupid act and that I should have acted more quickly to prevent it happening again.”

On Thursday night, Joe and Co were back at it with their first interview since the feud broke out, and their second since the controversy began.

The pair made the decision to go public on their Twitter feed, which had already been shared hundreds of times, with the message: “I’m so glad to be back on Twitter.

My Twitter account has grown so much, I can’t thank you enough.

I wish you all the best.”

Joe added: “This was a difficult time, but now I can relax and let the bad things go.

I’m very grateful to everyone for their support.”

Joes brother, fellow DJ and producer Dave, told Newsbeat: “Joes tweet was very emotional and hurtful, and we all wish him well in the future.”

“We all know that people can’t always be so supportive when you’re hurting and upset.

But at the end of the day, that’s life.””

He’s very close to us, he’s very supportive of us, and his heart is very much in our corner, and that’s why it felt so difficult to say something like this.”

It was really hard to take back the words and not be able to go on.

He’s the best DJ in the world.

“In a tweet sent to The Sun on Thursday night to celebrate the release of the new album, Joes caption read: “Hey all, I’ve got a message to all you boys and girls out there.

It really means a lot to me to be able take this time to say thank you.””

For all of you who’ve been waiting for this album to come out, I am really excited to share this with you.

This album is going to be huge for me, and I’ve been working hard for this to happen.

“In their new song, Love, Jois and co also shared a new track entitled ‘Love’.”

Love is a love that’s broken by the pain you feel, and a love for your soul,” they wrote.”

The best thing about being in love is that we can never take it back.