Trade Union Confederation’s chairman says he is ‘shocked’ by allegations of bribery

The head of the Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU) said the claims of a bribery scandal against the union leadership are “shocking”.

The head, Andreas Dombrovski, told broadcaster RTS the claims were made in the name of the Trade Union Management Association (TUM).

Dombroski said TUM had been made aware of the allegations.

He said he had spoken to both unions and was “shocked” by the allegations against the TUM.

“We will take the time to investigate,” he said.

Dombronski was speaking as trade unionists staged a march on the capital to protest the corruption claims against the CTU.

The CTU has said the allegations were false.

In the letter, TUM accused the union leaders of “deliberately sabotaging the union’s bargaining process”.

It said that, on January 15, the CTUs leaders had a meeting with union leaders in the city of Novosibirsk in Russia’s Krasnodar region.

The letter, signed by CTU General Secretary Pavel Bektas and TUM general secretary Anton Dvorak, said the union officials, who are all from Russia, had “secretly approached” union leaders from the country.

“They [the union leaders] allegedly promised to pay union members bonuses, and also promised to give union members the right to vote in future elections,” the letter said.

“This is clearly an attempt to obstruct the union from achieving its democratic goals.”

In the wake of the claims, union leaders announced a series of reforms.

Among the reforms, the union has set up an investigation committee to investigate corruption allegations against union officials.

TUM said it has launched a “deep investigation” into the allegations and would “examine all allegations and determine the next course of action”.

The union said it was “deeply disappointed” by what it said was a “delivery of bad news”.

The CTUs letter accused TUM of trying to prevent the union and its leadership from pursuing reform plans, while it was not acting to stop the union members’ vote in upcoming elections.

The union also accused Tum of using its influence to try to undermine the union, saying that TUM was “actively engaged in a campaign of intimidation”.

“TUM is the sole owner of the media, the TU, the news media, and other social media platforms.

It controls and distributes all of these media platforms,” the union said in a statement.

“The TU is also the only party in the Russian Federation that has the right and the authority to decide on the union reforms.”

The TUM has also denied the allegations, claiming that the union had been “misled” by its leadership.

The statement said that Tum had made a “confidential” offer to union leaders.

“After careful consideration, TU leadership and union leadership were offered a compromise which is based on TUM’s principles of transparency and fairness,” the statement said.

It said the Tum leadership had also agreed to set up a commission to investigate the allegations of corruption against the unions leadership.

“It is with deep regret that we publish these allegations,” it said.

The accusations are the latest in a series against the trade union movement, with the Tusk Commission on Corporate Governance, which is investigating the Russian Federal Anti-Corruption Agency (FSB) for allegedly suppressing the opposition, and the Commission on Media, Public Order and Security, which was investigating the countrys most powerful mafia.