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An expert group representing the Australian Dairy Farmers’ Association is calling for the introduction of the national dairy trade union.

Key points:The group is hoping for more dairy farmers’ support for a “new and fairer” trade union structureIt wants a national dairy union and a “better working environment”The group has also called for more milk marketing staff to be recruited from the dairy industryA group of dairy industry trade unionists is also calling for an overhaul of the way dairy workers are paidThe National Dairy Farmers Union (NDFU) is a powerful trade union that represents some of the largest producers of dairy products in Australia.

But in recent months the NDFU has become increasingly vocal in its criticism of the industry and its leaders, and recently held a protest outside the NSW dairy plant of JBS.

It’s not just about jobsIt has been accused of being too cozy with the dairy sector, and is calling on the NDU to “reform its relationship with its members” and to “improve its transparency”.

In a submission to the Government’s Trade Affairs Committee on the issue, the NDCU says the “debate surrounding the role of dairy in Australia’s economy” is not “a healthy debate”.

“Our members have consistently voiced their concerns about the lack of representation in the NDUs and its failure to address the needs of our industry and the broader Australian community,” the submission reads.

However, they have not been able to achieve a better working environment for their members or a fairer trade union framework for the industry.””

In recent years, NDUs have grown to become the largest trade union in Australia with about 2.5 million members.”

However, they have not been able to achieve a better working environment for their members or a fairer trade union framework for the industry.

“We are calling for a National Dairy Trade Union, which will be a stronger, more professional and representative body for the dairy trade and for all dairy producers in Australia.”

The submission adds that the NDUCU would have a “strong and effective voice in policy and decision making”, which would be “in line with the aspirations of the NDPU members”.

It also calls for a new and faireer trade union system, which would make it easier for farmers to join and more transparent for members.

The group wants a National dairy tradeunion and a better workplace for its members, and it wants to recruit more milk marketers from the industry, who could then be hired by the NDUF to work in the dairy supply chain.

But the NDSU says that this would not happen until it had a “fair” and “effective” working environment, and that “the current dairy industry is not fit for purpose” for its employees.

“Our dairy industry has had a poor working environment since its inception and has struggled to retain its workforce and maintain its position as one of the world’s top milk exporters,” the NDUS submission reads, adding that the “resurgence of industrial action by industry workers in the late 1990s” has left many members “disillusioned” with the industry’s current direction.

“It is time for the NDUP to step up and become the voice of the dairy farming industry in Australia,” the group adds.

The submission has been backed by the National Farmers Union of Australia (NFUA), which is currently negotiating for an alliance with the NDMU.

It says the NDUE has “an excellent track record” of representing farmers, who have been in the milk industry “since the early days of the business”.

“The NDU is committed to improving the working environment of its members and to building a stronger and more effective trade union.”

“Our member farmers are highly skilled and have significant experience in the business and are well-paid.”

As the members of the trade union we would support an NDU which would have the opportunity to attract new members and staff, while ensuring they have the support of members across the industry.

“The NDUC has not responded to a request for comment.