How to Stop KFC from Running an Anti-Union Campaign

Workers at a fast food chain in China have staged a sit-in and are planning a boycott after their boss told them to stop wearing a union flag.

The workers said they would not be able to work under KFC in the city of Ningbo, capital of Jiangsu province, because of the flag issue.

The employees are demanding the union’s flag be removed from the company’s menu, which includes items such as chicken nuggets and french fries.

The company said it was “not at liberty” to remove the flag.KFC has been in a protracted battle with unions over worker rights and the number of its restaurants has increased dramatically in recent years.

Its Chinese franchisee-owned restaurants have been the subject of intense criticism by unions.

The issue was discussed in a recent labor agreement signed by the two sides, but the workers have not yet accepted the agreement.

In September, KFC won an appeal from a Chinese labor union over the company not taking on board workers with the union flag as a part of a broader agreement on labor issues.

The company said last year that it was committed to hiring a number of workers with union flags, but it did not have the ability to hire them and did not provide the number.