How to find a fair trade agreement with the AFL-CIO

The AFL-N has asked its members to boycott any deal between the AFL and the National Union of Mineworkers in the United States until the AFL recognises that “all unions are members of the fair trade movement”.

The union’s national secretary, John Della Rocca, said: “This is not an acceptable outcome for the AFL, which is trying to crush the AFL’s ability to represent working people in the US and elsewhere.”

The AFL-CAU, which represents more than 1 million workers, has called on members to abstain from the vote on the proposed trade agreement, saying it would undermine workers’ right to organise.

The union has been campaigning against the deal, and has warned that it could threaten to leave the US.

“The AFL is currently in negotiations with the NUW, but the NUL is not a member of the AFL,” said Mr Della.

“We’re concerned about what the outcome would be for workers in the U.S., as well as the impact it will have on our collective bargaining rights.”

As workers, we must not be fooled into thinking that this trade agreement is the only option for the labour movement.

“The trade agreement would require the AFL to “provide greater transparency on its activities”, but Mr Dalla said it would not give the union the right to “make its own assessments” about the trade deal.”

All of the trade agreement provisions must be open for public scrutiny and debate,” he said.”

Our members must know the terms of the deal and be able to assess it.

“These negotiations are not about the AFL getting a fair deal, they’re about ensuring workers have access to a fair and affordable trade agreement.”

That means we can protect our rights, but we can’t be fooled by the AFL.