How to help support the workers’ movement in Spain

Trade unions and organisations like the Catalan Socialist Workers Party (PSE) have taken a big step forward after winning a major victory in the Spanish parliament on Thursday.

The vote to pass the regional parliament’s new constitution and set up a constitutional assembly for Catalonia will allow it to form a government and govern on its own, without a regional coalition partner.

The party won a large majority in the legislature, with around 52 per cent of the vote.

The Catalan Socialist Party (CSP) won an even bigger majority, with 40 per cent, in the assembly’s upper house.

In a historic move, the PSE and its affiliates won a huge victory on the first day of the parliamentary election, when they secured more than 100,000 votes.

It was the largest electoral success in Catalonia since independence from Spain in 2014.

The PSE’s leader, Oriol Junqueras, said the Catalan parliament’s election victory was a major milestone for the party, which he described as a “political centre of gravity”.

“We are now moving forward to build a united, democratic and free Catalonia,” he said.

“It is a time of renewed solidarity and a new political direction for the Catalan movement.” “

In the parliament, the PP won 59.7 per cent to the PSO’s 50.7. “

It is a time of renewed solidarity and a new political direction for the Catalan movement.”

In the parliament, the PP won 59.7 per cent to the PSO’s 50.7.

The governing Socialists won 18.9 per cent.

The ruling Popular Party (PP) came second with 14.4 per cent and the centre-right Ciudadanos (Eagle) with 5.5 per cent each.

The centre-left Ciudadana Rua (CR) took the remaining 1.5 percent, while the centre right Ciudadiano (CUP) and centre-Left Alliance CiudADENA (EDC) came in second and third with 1.2 per cent apiece.

In the regional elections on January 6, the party won just over 40 per the seats in the Catalan Parliament, making it the smallest party in the region.

But the PSOE, which is on a two-year contract with the Catalan government, has won an unprecedented two-thirds majority.

It now holds an absolute majority in Catalonia’s parliament, with 38.5 of the seats.

The government must now pass the new constitution before it can be voted on in the regional assembly.

The result will give the PSP a majority in both houses of parliament.

The majority was achieved despite a campaign by the Catalan Greens and the CUP, which have campaigned against the proposed Catalan constitution and called for its scrapping.

“Today, we will take the initiative, to put an end to the Spanish state, to break the power of the central government, to return to the Catalan way of life,” said Catalan Greens leader Pablo Sánchez.

“The Spanish state has to be abolished.” “

Our demands for a referendum on independence, for the formation of a national Catalan parliament and the withdrawal of the Spanish tax system are very clear,” he added.

“The Spanish state has to be abolished.”

The CUP and the Green parties have said they will oppose any Catalan constitutional changes, calling them a “threat to the country”.

The PSO has said it is not the only force working against Catalan independence, but that the party is the main force pushing for change.

In recent weeks, there have been calls for the creation of a united front of parties, unions and workers’ organisations across Spain, to fight for a united Catalonia.

On Wednesday, the regional party’s leader said he wanted to start a dialogue with the PSOs, to discuss the formation in the new parliament.

“Let’s talk.

Let’s listen to the concerns of the Catalan people,” said Oriol Puigdemont.

“As the leader of the PP, I would like to give some assurances to the PP in the form of a positive step forward for our movement,” he continued.

“I have the confidence that, by being in a good position to lead a united and democratic government, the Catalan working class will be able to work with the PP and the Spanish government to get a more positive outcome in Catalonia.”