What’s the future of trade unions?

Theresa May will use a speech in Glasgow on Monday to set out her plan for a new union for Britain, and will urge MPs to back her bid for the leadership of the Conservatives.

She will also say that “the UK’s trade union system has been in crisis for years”, and will stress the importance of unions for workers.

Labour has pledged to fight the “devastating cuts” to the country’s trade unions and called for an “open, competitive” and “fair” trade union.

Theresa May has announced a trade union conference in Glasgow this Monday. 

May has previously pledged to reform the countrys trade union law, including the requirement that unions be recognised as such by a court of law.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats want the law to be rewritten to ensure that unions are not “a club for the privileged few”.

The Conservatives have promised a “strong and fair” trade unions law and have said that they would support any attempt to reform it. 

 May will announce her plan on Monday in a speech to the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

The speech will be delivered by the Prime Minister and will come in the midst of an increasingly bitter dispute over the UK’s membership of the EU.

The Government has been forced to back down from a planned decision to withdraw from the EU, after Brexit Secretary David Davis had said that it would be possible to “renegotiate” the terms of the country s membership of it.

On Monday, the Conservatives are expected to announce that the Government is to allow the UK to remain in the EU on the condition that it does not change its membership agreement with Brussels.

May will also outline the new union, and say that the new “unions of choice” should offer “a more inclusive and transparent way for employers to organise and support their workforce”.

The new union will be a “powerful, independent, and democratically accountable voice in the workplace”, she will say. 

May will outline her vision for the union system in a section of her speech entitled “A strong, independent and democratically accessible voice in our workplace”.

She will say that this “strong, independent voice in society” will be “built on the strength of the British people”.

“It will be based on the principles of democracy and free speech, and on a union that is accountable to the people,” she will state.

May has also promised to take a “bold step” to increase “the level of trade union representation” in government, and is due to reveal a plan to allow members of the public to get in touch with their representatives in the trade union movement. 

“We need to get the balance right,” she said in February. 

However, some MPs and civil society groups have been warning that the “soft Brexit” option for the UK would leave the UK “a poorer and less free country”. 

Theresa May is due in Glasgow tomorrow.