How to organise the Nautilus Trade Union Act 2015

Nautiluses union bill aims to improve the conditions of Australian workers by reducing the number of strikes and making it harder to form a union.

But the bill has also faced a backlash from the country’s biggest trade union movement, the NACU, which is opposed to the move.

Read more:The NACS, which represents almost 5,000 staff at Nautils parent company, is urging its members to reject the bill.

“This is a major step backwards for the AFLW and the NCAU,” the union said in a statement on Tuesday.

“In this context, we call on our members to vote against the NFA, and for the Greens to support this.”‘

A major step backward’The Nautility Act 2015 was passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday and is likely to be signed into law before Christmas.

However, the government has said it will not move ahead with the law without the support of the NAAU.

The National Association of the Automotive Workers has previously criticised the bill as “not progressive” and “disproportionate” to the trade union’s role.

“We don’t support this bill as it will make it impossible for Nautiland to continue to operate as an autonomous union,” the organisation said in its submission to the government.

The AFLW has also argued that the bill does not go far enough.

“The NCAW will be disappointed that this Government will not act in the interests of its members, including the workers in the NAF,” the association said.

“Its members should support a Labour-run Nautilla in all the roles, such as industrial relations, safety, administration, health, and pensions, as well as ensuring that Nautilan employees receive the best possible pay and benefits.”

Labor has rejected the proposal and the Greens have also rejected the AFLWA’s argument that it will be unfair for workers to have to accept “union-style” union representation.