What do you think of the proposed new union rules for ASOS?

Posted March 02, 2019 05:20:59 The Australian Trade Union Congress (ATUC) is to hold its first public meeting to discuss the proposed union reform, which could see ASOS workers being asked to sign a new collective agreement by April.

Key points:Union rules proposed by ASOS could see union members being asked in AprilWhat is the ASOS-UK Trade Union Act?

What are the current conditions for union membership?

The Australian Trade Unions Association (ATU) has proposed a new union code of conduct which would see workers being able to sign up to the union in an “offical” way by April, meaning they would be able to join the union without having to leave the workplace.

The ASOS union code currently states that ASOS members “must” sign a “formal declaration of allegiance to the ASO”.

It was proposed by the union last month and is to be presented to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for its approval.

The union said it was still considering the proposal, which was published online in mid-March.

“There is no set date, but I will certainly be asking the ACMA to make sure that it is given the full consideration it deserves,” union secretary David Sheehan told the ABC.

“The ACMA has the power to make decisions about what we need to be done to ensure that we continue to get our jobs back.”

Mr Sheeham said the union would be seeking to have the union code amended to ensure it complied with the ACME Act, which the union is currently working on.

“We’re trying to get the ACMAs approval and we will be working with them to make that happen,” he said.

“So there’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s good to be able and excited about it.”

Mr Hereham also said there were concerns about ASOS’s current membership.

“As of right now we’re not getting any sign-ups from ASOS,” he told the broadcaster.

“A lot of the ASOs members are not in the workforce and so it would be good to see more people come in.”‘

It would be a very important thing to get across to the public’The union has been in negotiations with ASOS for more than two years and the talks have been “progressing at a pace that we believe is very encouraging”, Mr Sheehans said.

The ACME acts as the official body for ASOs workers.

“In the past we’ve seen a lot more positive things happen,” Mr Sheerhan said.

Mr Sheerhans also said it would make sense for ASO workers to sign on to the new union agreement by March, rather than being able join it after that.

“It would make a lot less sense to have people be signing up for it [by April] than they would have been,” he explained.

“When you look at the number of ASO employees that are in the industry now, the vast majority are in full-time jobs, so signing up and then leaving would be something that’s really hard for them to do.”