How to get the UK’s Brexit deal without a vote in Parliament

By Simon Danczuk | 11 May 2017 05:15:18TOTW has published a report detailing the trade union’s position on Brexit, with the report revealing that “only about 5% of our members are members of trade unions.”

It said:We do not see a case for any significant change to the current law, which would allow trade union representatives to be represented by trade unionists in Westminster and Westminster Parliament.

Trade unions in other parts of the UK are also likely to be able to have representation at Westminster and other parliament assemblies, but not at the UK level.

We think it is essential that there is some form of agreement at Westminster to ensure that trade union representation is in line with the rights and needs of all members.

Our view is that the current arrangement is unfair to our members and that there should be a change to this current arrangement that is in accordance with the views of the public, trade union members and trade union leaders, as well as the views expressed in the Trade Union Bill.

A statement from the Trade Unions Institute said:The trade unions are committed to working together with the government and the wider public to achieve the UK Government’s objectives on the negotiations with the EU.

We welcome this report, which confirms our longstanding position on the UK leaving the EU and we will be working with our members on this.