Nike trade unions seek court intervention

Nike Trade Unions seek court order to intervene in global trade union dispute, an industry source article Reuters Nike Trade Union Union Forex and Pipe Trades Union (NPTU-TPU) have filed a legal action against the International Association of Pipe Tracing and Pipe Forex Union (IAPF) and Pipe Trade Union Association (PTUA) in the United Kingdom.

The lawsuit comes as the UK’s trade union movement is in crisis.

The IAPF and PTUA have accused the trade unions of having failed to uphold their statutory obligations to the British government, which it considers unfair, in order to secure their members’ jobs and pensions.

In a statement on Wednesday, NPTU said the UK trade unions had engaged in a deliberate policy of seeking to undermine the integrity of the Trade Union Act, the UK government’s labour law.

The UK government has rejected the trade union claims, arguing that they do not breach the rights of British workers and that there is no clear statutory requirement for trade unions to do so.

The NPTUs claim to represent more than 11,000 pipe and pipe industry workers.

“The UK Government’s claim that the NPT is a ‘foreign body’ is an abuse of the presumption of impartiality enshrined in the Treaties,” the NptUs claim, adding that “the Government has not adequately provided any evidence to support its claim that we are a foreign body”.

The claim also says that the UK has failed to provide proper advice to the NPs about their obligations under the Act, including on their role in trade union representation.

“There is no provision in the Trade Act or in any statutory instrument for a trade union to act as an adviser to a trade unions or any other body,” the complaint reads.

NPT unions were set up in 1984 as the successor to the National Association of Trade Unification.

It is the largest and oldest trade union federation in the world, with 1.3 million members in more than 200 countries.