Irish union says trade union forexa deal not in the cards

A trade union representing workers at Irish-based Forex, which trades in dollars and euros, said it would not be able to form a new trade union if the country’s financial markets were to be closed.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) said the deal with the Forex company was a win for the Irish economy.

“Forex’s move to open up the financial markets to other countries has had a positive effect on Irish businesses and their customers, and the ITCC believes it is an important step towards the protection of workers and the future of the Irish labour market,” the ITUC said in a statement.

“The ITCP will continue to support the forex market, which it believes is the most important in the world.”

Forex said it was negotiating with the Irish government to finalise the terms of the deal, which will involve the two sides working together to set up an Irish forex clearing house, which would be responsible for clearing forex transactions in the UK and Ireland.

The forex deal will also see the forexs trading operations in the United States and Switzerland.

Forex shares rose 0.5% to $1.094.