How to talk about the strike in your shop

In this episode of The Conversation, Emma Jones speaks to trade unionist Tom Watson about how the trade union movement has dealt with the rise of the far right and how this has changed trade unionism.

Tom Watson, trade union activist and author of How to Talk About the Strike in Your Shop, has written extensively on the issues of workers’ rights and the role of unions in society.

Tom is the founder of the organisation Local Trade Unions, which campaigns for stronger trade union rights and is one of the UK’s leading trade unions.

Tom Watson, Local Trade Unionist and Author of How To Talk About The Strike in You Shop, joins Emma Jones to discuss:What is a strike?

How unions and the far-right are trying to destroy the unions in the UKHow the strike is about workers’ health and safety, pay and conditionsWhat are the key issues in the labour movement and how do the far left and far right view it?

How far the far Right and Labour Party are willing to go to stop trade union membership and solidarityWhat can unions do to make the union movement more effective?

What is the role and role of trade unions in social change?

Tom Watson’s book, How to Fight for Your Right to Organise, is available from Amazon and other retailers.

The episode is also available to stream on the podcasting platform iTunes.