Unite Trade Union Certificate is to be withdrawn, Trade Union Secretary says

A union certificate is to become a useless document and a waste of time and money.

The union secretary for Birmingham’s trade union said in a statement to the Birmingham Mail the union had decided to withdraw the certificate as it had not met its contractual obligations.

“The union has a statutory obligation to carry out the work of the union, which we do by being recognised by the trade union certificate and by being the registered organiser of the trade unions in our area,” he said.

Unite is the biggest union in Birmingham.

The certificate, a form of union membership card, is not recognised by many unions.

However, Mr Tuck said he would be seeking advice from the unions body on the issue.

“The decision has been taken that the union will not accept the union certificate as an endorsement of the working of the organisation,” he added.

Mr Tuck told the Mail he did not believe there was any need to have a union certificate because the union was working in good faith and “we do not want to waste anyone’s time or money”.

“We have to do our job.

The unions are not about getting paid.

We are all doing our jobs and the union is about doing our job.”

Mr Tucks statement comes after it emerged the union would not renew its trade union contract with the company after its contract expired on October 1.

The company’s contract expired at the end of March and the company’s board was set to meet on Thursday to finalise the terms of the new contract.

In a statement, the company said: “The trade union has not met their contractual obligations, and we have been asked to withdraw it as we have not been meeting our contractual obligations.”

A spokesman for the union said: “Unite will be working with the board to find an alternative arrangement.”