India’s new ‘no-objection’ policy for bjp’s trade union movement

India’s labour union federation is demanding a full withdrawal from the BJP’s ‘no objection’ principle and an end to “further politicisation of the movement”.

In a statement, the BSP said the “unilateral decision” taken by the BJP on Friday (August 26) to allow its affiliates to form “partnerships” with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was a “dangerous move” and an “over-reaction” that could “undermine the very fabric of our party”.BJP has always been a “fiercely anti-federalist party”, the BSM said, adding that “it is the responsibility of the leadership to act decisively and decisively to curb its own internal dissent”.

The BSP called for the BJP to withdraw from the Bajrang Dal and Bharatiyan Janata Dal, and for “all organisations affiliated with the BDP and its affiliates” to stop working with them.

The Bajang Dal and BSP have been accused of supporting the “terrorist” Bharatiyat and RSS by the Congress, which claims that the BJP has been the “most anti-national and anti-social” in the country’s history.BJP’s “no-obligation” rule has long been a source of friction with the labour federation.

The BSF has faced protests for years over its alleged links to the BJP, including in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and has staged massive strikes in the past two years, with over 200,000 workers, mostly labourers, joining the protests.