Aslef Trade Unionist union calls for ‘fair and sustainable’ trade deal

ASLEF (Reuters) – Aslea Fashions and Allied, a Swedish fashion brand owned by the Swedish-owned multinational Swedish Furniture and Allied Ltd, has joined a campaign calling for a “fair and viable” trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, calling on the government to commit to the European trade pact in a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The statement by the Aslefab trade union – the union representing employees of Aslefa’s European Union operations in the United Kingdom, France and Spain – is seen as a rare sign of unity in opposition to Trump, who has said he will leave the U.K. and join China’s Xi Jinping in Beijing.

The Asleabf union’s statement said the union will not be intimidated by the United State’s economic policies, but that it hopes the “EU-US free trade deal will deliver for its members and the whole world.”

Aslefab, the world’s biggest consumer apparel brand, is owned by Swedish Furnishings and Allied (SFA) with its European Union headquarters in London.

Its U.KS. division also has operations in England, Scotland and Wales.

The union has said it will join the campaign, calling for “fair trade, fair and sustainable” U.N. trade agreements, including an accord with China.

In the statement, Aslefbug said the trade union believes “we have a responsibility to support our members and their interests and not let ourselves be bullied.”

“It is up to the people of the U, S. and EU to decide whether they want to join with China and to ensure that our members can achieve fair and stable trade and investment deals with the U., S.A. and the EU,” the statement said.

“We want a fair and meaningful agreement, that guarantees fair, sustainable trade and investments, that is based on fair and just rules, that ensures fair competition, that protects our workers, and that provides the right to collective bargaining for workers in the U S.S., U.A., the U A., and the E.U.”

The Aspera Fashesa trade union has been in the spotlight following the election of President Donald J. Trump, and it has called on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council to approve the U-turn.