McDonald’s workers call for action against bosses in video

The video that went viral in the United States has become a rallying cry for workers who want their employers to pay for health care, maternity leave and sick leave.

McDonald’s has been the target of a massive labour action for decades.

It has a long history of paying workers for services and has also been a target of unions in other countries.

But in Canada, the company is facing intense criticism from a new wave of workers who say the way it treats workers is not the way workers are treated elsewhere.

The video shows two McDonald’s employees speaking out about their struggles at the restaurant chain, including a young woman who was fired because she was pregnant with twins.

They have also written an open letter to their bosses.

The workers say they want to see a system in which workers can earn enough to pay the bills and take on part-time work to pay their medical costs.

McDonald’s says the video shows it is not an isolated case and that it is working to improve its working conditions.

“The video does not reflect the values of our company, and that is why we’re working hard to address it,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

The company said it is taking the matter seriously and has reached out to the two employees to provide support and advice.

It also said it’s working to resolve the situation and would be reviewing the video with its HR department and with the union.

McLaren Group is the largest private employer in Canada with about 50,000 employees.

Its workers make up about 16 per cent of the workforce.

Its stock price is up more than 30 per cent in the last week.

McKesson is Canada’s biggest publicly traded company, with about 3.5 million employees.

Its stock has gained more than 80 per cent over the last year and is up almost 200 per cent since March.