RTE’s ‘Bible for the English language’ is on the agenda at the weekend

The latest in our ongoing coverage of the EU referendum debate, with RTE looking ahead to the weekend with the unveiling of its “Bible” for the language, as the Irish Language Board seeks to get its official Brexit manifesto out before the referendum.

The first volume of the RTE “Biblia Englisha” series will feature articles and reviews by renowned authors and academics on the subject, and will be available in all languages for the next two weeks.

The Biblia series will have a range of articles and interviews with leading academics and experts in the English-speaking world, including David McCurdy of the University of Oxford, Mark Laidlaw, a senior lecturer at King’s College London, and Sir Nicholas Soames, professor of language and linguistics at the University.

In the UK, the Biblias will also be available to purchase through the RTS website.

The latest issue will include the first issue of a series called “The Bible for the Language” by Professor David McCuddy, which will be published next month.

The series will be an ongoing series, and is a collaboration between RTE, the University’s English Language and Literature Unit and the University Press of Scotland.

The book will look at the language’s place in society, how it relates to religion and culture, how to interpret texts and how to speak in it.

The last issue of the series will look ahead to next week’s referendum, with articles on the issue and its implications for the future of the language.

The new series will also focus on a number of key issues, including Brexit, the language and the future, with an article on “What we know about Brexit and the language”.