‘It is like being in a hospital’: Unions support Nautilus, and the NHS

Trade unions are pushing for the government to consider whether to consider the “right to be forgotten” provision to protect the privacy of its citizens, in a move they say would allow the NHS to continue operating without restrictions.

Unions have welcomed the move, with the BPI describing it as a “first step towards a free, independent and accountable NHS”.

“Nautilus has made a great contribution to our community and the UK economy, but it is time for the NHS and the Government to consider its potential impact on the right to be remembered,” said Paul Brannan, General Secretary of the BDI, in the statement.

“It is time the Government takes the opportunity to consider these concerns and see whether it is appropriate to consider removing the right-to-be-disfigured provision.”

The right to have information about your medical history removed from social media was introduced by the Government in 2016 to combat fake news.

In October, the government released an internal consultation document, which included the recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Health and Care.

The Government says it wants to examine whether the right is “properly enshrined in law”.

It has also said it is committed to ensuring people can “share, communicate and access information, as long as it is not for commercial advantage”.

The consultation was launched in June, with representatives from across the NHS, the BMA and the Royal College of Nursing.

While the government says it is “committed” to a free and independent NHS, unions say it is also “increasing the risk of unnecessary harm” by not considering the right.

NHS officials have said the right “should be preserved”.

Unison general secretary Mike Hawes said: “It is vital that people’s privacy is protected in the NHS.

We urge the government not to remove this right.”

Nautilius, which is based in the UK and employs around 3,000 people, says it does not want to create a new market, but has an “entirely different business model” to the other private companies that it operates in.

A spokesman said the company “has an open and transparent relationship with all healthcare providers and that it is a company that provides patient-focused, cost-effective healthcare”.

This story was originally published on September 18, 2018.