Trump to announce TPP trade deal as he meets with congressional leaders in Brussels

The president is expected to announce the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the first major trade deal to be negotiated since President Obama took office in 2009.

Reuters/Yuri Gripas The trade pact will also include provisions to boost U.S. dairy exports, beef and pork production, among other changes.

Reuters The president will meet with congressional leadership in Brussels, where leaders of the House and Senate are expected to sign the trade deal into law on Friday.

Reuters President Donald Trump is expected Friday to announce a trade deal that will give the U.C. of America and other U.s. businesses a boost to compete with China and other nations.

Trump is expected at the meeting to sign an agreement that would give U.N. members a boost in their own economies, the Associated Press reported.

Trump’s announcement comes as he and congressional leaders meet for the first time in a week.

The meetings come after Trump’s election victory last November.

Trump has repeatedly said he would renegotiate the trade pact and has said he wants to see it approved before he leaves office.

Reuters The trade deal will also give U,S.

businesses increased access to U.K. and other markets.

The U.k. will get more access to China and Japan as part of the pact.

Reuters Trump’s trade agenda is part of a broader strategy to revitalize U. S. manufacturing, which was the backbone of the economy during the Great Recession.

The trade deficit has been cut by almost half under the administration.