When the US goes to war, what will it look like?

By the time the US has finally decided to wage a war against the Taliban, there are many people in the country who think that it is just the beginning of a long and complicated process.

The US has already been in Afghanistan for almost four years and already over a million US troops are stationed there, which means the Afghan people have been living in a constant state of fear.

The US has been fighting a war that is both costly and brutal, with the US losing more lives than it has won in Afghanistan since 2001.

While it is easy to forget the horrors of war and the suffering it causes, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: this is a very long war.

But, before we get into the actual details of the war, we have to know how it will be fought.

In the first place, it will probably not be a conventional war.

We are not going to be engaged in some sort of conventional conflict with other countries, nor will we be fighting some sort the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS).

Instead, the US will be fighting a fight against al-Qaeda and its allies, which is the most dangerous and aggressive force in the world.

The most dangerous threat that al-Shabab and its Afghan allies pose is that of a global “global caliphate”, which is essentially a set of rules that the international community is trying to impose.

The global caliphate will be based on the belief that there is no such thing as a free market in the way that democracy is, and that there will be no free elections or rule of law, and therefore, that the US must have complete control over everything.

This is not a particularly good idea.

Al-Qaeda is a brutal terrorist group that has carried out many atrocities and is a major obstacle to the creation of a truly independent state in Afghanistan.

Al-Shahab has made no secret of its desire to establish a global caliphate, and it is one of the reasons why it has sought to use the threat of al-Nusra Front to expand its influence.

The international community has been trying to achieve this by the use of various international organisations, including the UN, the EU, NATO and the US.

These have all tried to achieve the same result: a global, unified, centralized, government-in-exile.

The goal of these organisations has been to create a global network of “safe havens” in the region, so that the various actors, such as al-Qaida, the Taliban and al-Sisi’s regime, would be able to operate in peace.

In this way, the goal has been achieved, but the US-led coalition has made sure that al Qaeda will not be able access these safe havens.

The idea of safe havens has also been used to justify the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya, which has caused much unrest in the Arab world.

This is because the US wants to keep the global coalition in place, and this is what has made Libya so dangerous.

Al Qaeda has been able to carry out attacks on the west, and the west has also become a target of its operations.

But the US is not willing to let the US go alone, and is willing to use force if necessary.

As we have already discussed, al-Baghdadi has been one of al Qaeda’s most prominent leaders and is known for his aggressive style of war, and he has repeatedly stated that he is ready to fight the US, and any others that he considers a threat.

This does not mean that al Baghdadi has completely abandoned terrorism and will not attempt to wage war against other countries in the future.

He has continued to carry on the fight, and al Baghdadia has also announced that he will continue to fight against the US and anyone else that threatens the world order.

The next major step that the United States will take will be to target the leader of al Baghdaida, Abu Bakr al-baghdadi, who is believed to be the head of al Shabab.

Al Baghdadi is the leader in charge of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which the US says is a new branch of alQaeda.

The main objective of al Jaziri is to create the “Islamic State of Afghanistan” which he believes will bring the entire region under his control.

The Islamic State will also attempt to establish the Islamic Caliphate in the whole of Afghanistan.

The first thing that the Americans will do is try to capture Baghdadi, and then they will try to kill him.

The Americans have already carried out multiple attacks against Baghdadi’s compound, which they believed were designed to kill Baghdadi.

The American plan is that they will send a drone to target Baghdadi in the area where he lives, and they will use a helicopter to shoot him down.

This was a pretty daring plan, which could have caused some serious damage to Baghdadi and could even have