AFL chief is facing calls to resign over union density

AUSTRALIA’S AFL chief, Brendon Gale, has faced calls to quit after the union density debate erupted on social media.

The union density controversy has prompted calls for Mr Gale to resign from the AFL.

The AFL has rejected the suggestion.

“I don’t want to see any disruption to our relationship with the AFL and to the fans,” Mr Gale told ABC News Breakfast.

“We have worked together for decades and we are proud to have had a successful union, we have a long-term agreement.”

That’s something that has been good for our players and fans, and I’m sure it’s good for us as well.”‘

It’s about the union’Mr Gale said the AFL would continue to work with the union.”

As far as I’m concerned it’s about our union, that’s the union,” he said.”

And it’s not just about the AFL, it’s the entire game, that will be in our heart and we’ll work to make sure that we continue to support that.

“Mr Gale also rejected suggestions the AFL’s decision to allow a free-agent pool to compete in the 2016 AFL All-Star game in Melbourne was about the sport’s popularity.”

It’s not about popularity,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

The AFL is trying to be inclusive of everybody.

We have an incredibly passionate fanbase, and it’s a beautiful game, it has so many elements that make it so appealing to everyone.

“You know, people have been able to watch it on TV for decades, and they’ve watched it in the stadium, and the fans have been passionate about it, and that’s just something we want to continue to enjoy and support.”

The AFL also said it supported the AFL-CIO’s call for a boycott of the 2017 All-Australian squad.

“Our game is not about ratings or revenue, it is about respect and unity,” AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said in a statement.

“What the AFL wants is to make the game more accessible to more fans and fans are showing their support by joining the boycott.”