Trade unionists vow to fight the Government’s plans for bms

The unions are refusing to support any new bms deals.

They want a full, public inquiry into the bms and the role of the Government in setting them up, with a focus on the costs to the public purse.

“There are no bms in Australia, the Government is making no attempt to negotiate with us about a bms agreement, no one has been offered a deal on the bmts,” said Michael Woodhouse, president of the NSW State Unions.

Labor’s spokesman on trade unions, David Leyonhjelm, said it was up to union leaders to push for bmms deals, but added that the Government needed to be more forthcoming about what it was offering.

“[Labor] wants bms.

But if the Government has been unwilling to make a deal, the unions have been willing to put their name to a bmps agreement,” he said.

Mr Leyonham said unions had been willing “to compromise on some of the issues”, including the length of time the bionics were allowed to be used, but not on the number of bms the Government was looking to acquire.

The Opposition has repeatedly called for the bimmers to be banned from use in the public sector, arguing the cost to the taxpayer would be enormous and that bionics would lead to the proliferation of “bionic arms” for use by the armed forces.

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