How the ‘Unite the Right’ protest in Charlottesville, Va. changed history

The US has seen a resurgence in anti-Semitic incidents this year, with an estimated 50 incidents of anti-Semitism reported in 2017, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The latest statistics show that there were at least four incidents of racist attacks on Jewish community centers and businesses in 2017. 

The number of anti-“Jewish” incidents in the US this year is higher than any year since 2010. 

While some of the incidents were motivated by anti-Jewish sentiment, others were motivated more by anti, anti-Israel, anti-“progressive” and anti-LGBT sentiment. 

“The incidents of hateful violence and intimidation have not stopped,” the ADL’s executive director Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement. 

According to the ADl, the number of incidents of hate crimes against Jews increased by 10% between January and May, the most recent period for which data is available.

The ADL also reported a 14% increase in anti-“Muslim” hate crimes, which it said were the largest increase in two years. 

Anti-Semitic and anti-“Christian” incidents have increased by a similar percentage in 2017 to their 2016 levels. 

In February, a man was killed and at least one other person was injured when a group of men allegedly attacked a group in Washington, DC.

In May, a group drove a car into a crowd of people protesting against Trump’s executive order on immigration and Muslims, injuring at least 10 people. 

Some Jewish organizations have expressed concern about anti-Trump demonstrations.

In March, the Jewish Community Relations Council of America released a statement condemning the anti-Muslim demonstrations in Washington and other US cities. 

 “We have never seen a more significant number of individuals, groups, and organizations come together to demonstrate against our president and our nation’s first Jewish president,” JCCA president Rabbi David Saperstein said. 

Saperstein also expressed concerns about anti-“immigrant” rallies, which he said have increased in the last several months. 

On Friday, the ADC released a report alleging that anti-immigrant groups are using “vicious anti-Islamic propaganda” to encourage violence against immigrants in the United States. 

A representative for the ADCL said the organization had not received any information to substantiate the report. 

Other groups, including the AntiDefamation Network, have called for the end of the “Trump era” and for more protests.