How the trade unions have helped keep mining companies in business

Labor leaders have called on government to intervene in the mining industry, with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) calling for an inquiry into the current situation.

Key points:Trade union leaders say mining companies are trying to control the union movement to keep the miners outThe union believes they are losing their power to bargainThe TUC says it is not the fault of minersThe TUSC says it has called on the Government to act quickly on the crisisMiners and other members of the mining workforce have complained of an “incredible” lack of representation in management, including with regards to the TUC’s role in negotiations and decisions.

It comes as mining industry boss, Andrew Forrest, said he would not have changed the way he handled the situation had he known of the impact on workers.

Mr Forrest said in a statement that he would be working to “reduce the impact” on the industry on a more permanent basis and that he was committed to working with the TUSG to find ways to make it “fairer, fairer and more equitable”.

“There has been a lot of misinformation and misinformation in relation to the current mine crisis.

It is simply untrue,” he said.”

The fact that we are in this situation in the first place is a reflection of the current circumstances, and the fact that this has occurred during the mining boom is a result of mining bosses wanting to control unions.”

I have spoken to the Prime Minister and I have spoken with the Governor of the Taurus mine and he is fully supportive of the Government’s response to this situation.

“This is a crisis that must be resolved, it is a tragedy, it cannot continue, and it must stop.”‘

We have to fight back’The Tuscans union is not alone in its call for action.

The Victorian Government has also been criticised for the crisis, with a recent report into the industry suggesting there were “systemic failures” that “are exacerbating the situation”.

The union has said it has been “stigmatised and discriminated against” by employers, who have been able to access workers’ pension and medical benefits without seeking union consent.

“We have been systematically discriminated against, particularly because of our age,” a statement from the union said.”[Our] ability to work with employers is being systematically undermined.”

The TUF has called for the Government “to take urgent action” to “re-establish and restore confidence in the industry, restore confidence and increase the rate of productivity”.

“We will not accept that we have to struggle to survive,” it said.

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