Why the British are so scared of Trump

The British government has warned that Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown poses a danger to their trade union membership, saying it could be detrimental to their future prosperity.

Key points:TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady says it’s not surprising the UK is worried about TrumpThe union has warned the new administration could damage the trade union movement in the UKWhile the Brexit-era reforms in the United States have already been under scrutiny, the union is warning Trump could take the country in the wrong direction, particularly if he tries to strip unions of their autonomy.

“There is a danger that, because the American authorities are so committed to dismantling the trade unions in the U.S., that they might actually try to take our unions back to where they were, when they were the most important part of the economy, in the last century,” said Frances O”Grady, a TUC General Committee member.

“It’s not a new thing.

It has been going on for decades and decades and I don’t think it is going away any time soon.”TUC general secretary Frances OGrady speaks to the media after addressing a conference at the Royal Society in London (Photo: Chris Radburn/PA)Ms OGracy’s comments come ahead of a major conference for trade unionists at the weekend, when thousands of trade union representatives from across the world will be gathering to discuss how to respond to Trump’s crackdown on workers’ rights.

The new U.K. president has called on the government to revoke or modify trade agreements and has proposed a “complete and total shutdown” of immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

However, Ms OGradys concerns are echoed by other unions in Britain, with some arguing that the Trump administration is simply using the courts to further undermine unions and weaken them.

Theresa May, who will be presenting a trade policy to the Conservative Party’s national executive at its annual conference in Birmingham on Saturday, said she will use the event to “strengthen our trade unions and the institutions that enable them”.

“It is not the first time we have seen this,” she told reporters on Friday.

“I am absolutely committed to standing up for workers and I am also very clear about the need for us to stand up for our institutions.”

We have to protect the people that are representing us in the workplace.

“These are the people who pay our taxes, who are making the decisions about whether we stay in the EU or leave.”‘

Unfair and unjust’A TUC spokesman said it was “not surprising” the British government was concerned about Trump’s efforts to weaken the union movement.

“What is surprising is that they would take this view, and it is certainly not a surprise,” the spokesman said.

“They have a history of being very hostile to trade unions.

They are also very hostile towards unions in other countries around the world, and the U, S and P. They have been trying to take them down.”

The U. S. and Canada have the second and third highest rates of union membership in the world and have been the target of several rounds of trade-warfare attacks since Mr Trump became president in January.

“The Trump administration’s actions, as they are taking place in the Trump Tower, are a clear example of their anti-union, anti-worker and anti-democratic intentions,” the TUC said.

The TUC is one of a number of trade unions across the country to hold talks on Saturday.

“At this event we will discuss the role unions play in the economy and how to ensure the best possible trade policy for Britain and the world,” the union said in a statement.

“Our discussions will focus on ways to strengthen our union movement and our ability to protect workers.”

“If you look at what’s happened in the US with the Trump government, they are trying to dismantle the unions and make it more difficult for them to defend their rights,” said Richard Angell, a trade unionist who is based in Manchester.

“With Trump’s actions we have a choice: we can either stand up and defend our rights and be complicit in their attempts to take down our unions, or we can accept their actions and do nothing.”